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Build your own quilt one block at a time

Marietta Manor -- 2015 BOM

This Block of the Month will cost $70 (plus tax).

For twelve months you will receive the pattern and fabric, including the setting triangles, to make a block.

Each block, finishing at 17”, will be set on point and the setting triangles are part of the block cost. At the end of the year you will have a 51” x 68” top.
Toward the end of the year a setting kit will be available. The blocks are set on point but the setting will be straight. The setting kit will include sashing, stars, and inner border to make a 69” x 89” quilt. If you wish to add a 6” border, the quilt with setting kit, will finish at 81” x 101”.


Call or come in to reserve your spot in this new 2015 BOM program.

The quilt, with setting kit, will finish at 81” x 101”. The setting kit will be available, toward the end of the year, for an additional charge.

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Historic Marietta available in two styles

Traditional or Thirties










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