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Use Floriani threads to create a beautiful works of art!

Mary Anne Henderson of Red Hen Fabrics LOVES Floriani thread which provides high sheen, high tensile strength, is a lubricated embroidery thread which results in excellent production. Her, a multi-awarding winning quilt "Chin-Chin" took a year to create - using over 60 Floriani colors! To see more of "Chin-Chin" click here or stop in the store where the quilt it on display. Be sure to check out the back, it is just a beautiful as the front!

Stop in the store to see our wide selection of Floriani colors!

Click here for Thread Conversion Charts

Marathon / DMC / Madeira / ARC / RA / Isacord / Brother / Sulky / Janome / RA Rayon / Jenny Haskins

Floriani Thread Color Card
Floriani Thread Color Card
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Floriani Thread Color Card
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Floriani Thread Color Card

Floriani Threads



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