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Customers have been stopping by showing off there projects!

So Beautiful - Every One of Them!

Alta's mentoring, again :)
Samantha, Senior at Hillgrove High, holding the t-shirt quilt she made,
from start to finish, for her Senior Project.


A Quilting Star visits -- Just published in Quilty magazine.. an article called "The Rookie speaks He's Gone Thrifty"

Here first Quilt! How AWESOME!

A quilt FOR JULIE, a beloved sister --
Marie Bartlett-Sloan and her daughter, Louisa Bartlett-Sloan

She quilted it herself.

A great bathhouse quilt (She was camera shy :) )

The Friday night sew-in for November was AWESOME!
This was Cathy's first time joining us and lookie what she made...A Quillo!

Check out that cool Fabric!

Shhh don't tell it's a Christmas present :)

The back is Minky --- oooo so soft@


This is Judy Alexander with one of her spectacular landscapes.
We knew her way back when she was a wee beginner
and look at her now!
She’s won a bunch of ribbons and is a fearless designer

Tolando Cleveland's Senior Project

This young man decided to learn how to make a quilt for his Senior Project.
He is a Senior at Hillgrove HS in Cobb County.
His name is Tolando Cleveland. He had never sewn before making this t-shirt quilt and
he did it all, including doing the long arm quilting and hand sewing the binding.

Good Job!

Made by Joann Whiteman
This is simply beautiful -- a winter wonderland, hard to believe she gave it away as a gift!
-- the second column is embroidered snowflakes --

book: Simply Choices

Susan Bialac
Warner Robins, Georgia

Hot Chicks

Mrs. Lanning is 101, and lovingly called Grandma by everyone who knows her.

She makes this adorable little Christmas trees decorated with buttons.


This is the first tree she made.



If you missed out on Martha Dudley's Soft Sculpture doll class you missed a lot!

She had some very creative students and the class was a HUGE success!
Check out these photos from the class --

Above are a few of the dolls that Martha has created --
the two to the right are shown larger so you can see the detail that goes into each and every doll.

Plenty of room to spread out and work!

Stringing beads


Click here to learn more
about Martha Dudley
and her fabric dolls.


I think this scraf will be perfect!

FINISHED each doll unique and beautiful!

(L-R: Lorraine with Goldie, Edie with Posey, Joy with the Ice Queen,
Sandy with Iris, and Martha Dudley with Fushia Diva)


Mary, Netta and Jackie visited the store on July 13th.

With their purchase they received a free pattern.

This was Mary's 1st quilt and it was finished in one very enjoyable day.

AMAZING and Beautiful

Mary & Netta holding the quilt
(Jackie photographer)


zoom, zoom!

Marshall created this work of art -- We think we have him convinced to teach a class!

Call if you are interested!

Check out the Barn Chicks quilt, made by Alta!

This quilt is just too cute for words!
And no, it is not paper pieced.

Stop in to hear how each chick got their name.

<The pattern is available in the book Certifiably Crazy by the Buggy Barn.>

Elvis is in the building!

Ted McMahan had just finished taking a class on this quilting technique and stopped by to see if we could guess who was in the picture...


Lynette Jackson stopped by and let us oogle over her quilt! WOW the workmanship was fabulous.
This quilt was all HAND (yes I said hand) Pieced and Hand Quilted.

Feels like fireworks at Red Hen Fabrics when our customers bring in their projects for us to oooo and ahhh over! We love to see your projects whether it's a quilt, a pillow, a purse or even a shirt.. bring it in to the store we'll snap a picture and add you to our gallery! - If you see your project here, and would like to add some details (like your name!) email us at

Jessie Quick and her award winning Civil War quilt
"Burgoyne Surrounded"
Click the quilt for a larger view.


A pretty label that suits the quilt perfectly and some history about the quilt.

Click the Burgoyne Surrounded image to read about the history of the quilt.

Joe with his shirt
Check out Joe --

wonder where he got the fabric to make that shirt :)

Traudy makes purses, purses and more purses.

Check out the one she had with her on the day she stopped in.

Traudy and her quilted purse



Sunflower pieced top

Beautiful Sunflowers!

This is Max - not only did he make this quilt, he also made the shirt he has on!

Seems to me I've seen that fabric somewhere before :)

Max with shirt and quilt

First time quilter? I think not!

Quilted Pillow

Mandy and her Quilt

Wow - Go Mandy! This is awesome.
To see a larger view of the quilt click here.

Quilt by Mitzi Leatherman, inspired by a sunset, Mary Anne's knowledge, and Laurel Burch fabrics!

Linda Spence
Summerfield, FL

We offer this cotton rainbow quilt as a kit!

Not to be left out - the Red Hen gang brought in a few of their quilts for us to ooo and ahh over, too!

We'll start off with Debbie's Quilts... the first one Flower Tree was entered in the East Cobb quilt show. The last two you can see in person here in the shop!

Flower Tree

Flower Tree

Big Flowers






Check out Alta's quilts! WOW, each is so different from the next. Each a work of art. Click on each quilt to see a larger view.

Alta's Circles quilt
Dick and Jane by Alta
Dick and Jane
Alta's Make a Wish quilt
Make a Wish
 Alta's Orienta quilt


This row of quilts was made by Jan. Each one a challenge! Click on each quilt to see a larger view.

Jan's Circles

Jan's Log Cabin
Log Cabin (paper pieced)

Jan's Civil War BOM

Brenda and her Beach Quilt
Brenda shows off her 'beach blanket'.
She can take the beach with her wherever she goes.

This is Tracy's butterfly quilt.
Her first applique quilt.

And that brings us to Mary Anne... Check out her award winning quilts below  

Chin-Chin by Mary Anne Henderson won 1st place in the Mixed Techniques category and Viewer's Choice at the 2009 East Cobb Quilters' Guild Show in Marietta, GA.

(click on images for larger views)

Aurore (alias Mr. Sparkly) made by Mary Anne Henderson,
quilted by Shannon Baker.

Won Best of Show, Quilter's Choice andViewer's Choice at the 2007 East Cobb Quilters' Guild Show in Marietta,  GA, where over 400 quilts were entered.

The quilt has over 25,000 crystals on it.

(click on images for larger views)



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