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    Tips for Better Quilting

    1. Choose good quality 100% cotton fabric.  Polyester blends can cause slipped or skipped stitches.
    2. Choose a print cotton fabric for the backing that will blend with the top thread color.  A different color thread for the bobbin will usually show on the top, creating unsatisfactory results.
    3. Backing fabric must be at least three inches larger on all sides (total 6” wider and 6” longer) than the pieced top.  Queen size and larger, add a couple more extra inches, especially if using a polyester batting.  If your pieced backing is larger than needed, do not trim it down; however, please be sure that the ends are straight.
    4.  Remove selvages from backing seams.  Press backing seams closed and to one side.  Clip all stray threads from pieced top and back.  Stray threads will show through (shadow), especially on light backgrounds.
    5. The batting needs to be at least two inches larger on all sides.  Prepackaged batting does not need to be trimmed.  We sell both prepackaged and by-the-yard batting.  No mid- or high-loft battings please.  Cheap batting may have thick and thin spots and can cause problems in the quilting.
    6. Ensure that all seams are fully sewn.  An open seam could catch the foot of the machine and cause disastrous results.
    7. Bring the quilt top and backing pressed and neatly folded on a hanger.

    We appreciate your business.  These guidelines are to ensure that we provide you the best possible finished product.  If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask!

    Cost of Services

    There is a minimum $50.00 charge.

    Pantograph quilting:  The price varies from $0.025 to $0.04 per square inch.  There is a large selection of pantograph patterns.

    Free motion quilting: $0.02 - $0.03 per square inch.    Sample prices:  Twin (60” x 96”) $116; Full (75” x 96”) $144; Queen (80” x 100”) $160; King (100” x 100”) $200.

    Quilt preparation:  $20/hr.  This includes piecing backs, pressing, seam repairs, and clipping threads.  If this service is required please let us know, otherwise we assume that your top is ready to be quilted.

    Estimates are free.  Payment in full is required upon completion of work.  Prices are subject to change without notice.



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